New home new body

Lately I think I’ve been
-l i
—n g
into circumstance and coincidence
where stars are tears of a maniacal wind.
Where clouds sit upon mountain tops in
cold cold dry shifting sky.
Everything feels cold now.
It’s enough of the same that I recognize
myself just by stare and the feel of stretching
but the life I see through my eyes, the layer of
excited fear that shivers right beneath my skin,
the weight of my steps,
the neck pains,
the sunshine that furrows my brow
are all new
it’s all new.
I barely remain on the structure of myself.
I barely am meat on the bones I built.
And so long as experience informs sense informs experience,
I do not end at my skin, I end at the border limits of my world,
and it rolls
from the ends of me. It swings undistinguished.
It flies
it spins
around and inside me.
As long as I am changing, I am everything all at once.
I become the place where we live.


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