Things to cleanse yourself of

Things to cleanse yourself of:
the skin that hands touched.
words that scraped into your
chest the moment they were dribbled out of spiteful mouths
—-in your own language.
The weight that threatens to crack your ribs
—-.––––––––––––that’s made from one thousand days you could
——––––––––have been better if you just –
-and a thousand others you could have been
——-helped if you didn’t –
The words that tasted like bile
and force that passed lightning.

––––––––– II ––––––––––––

Things to cleanse yourself of:
Sometimes even the sun.
do we rely on binaries
to make the gray?
Are the ingredients of balance
two opposites?

Things to cleanse yourself of:
sometimes even love.
Sometimes love should be fed
with solitude
to finally feel inedible.

opposes trust.
we finally learn the grimace
–thus we align pain as a greater force
than good of life.
As if light isn’t the thing that makes the world
seen. Consuming or rejecting what shrouds it.
So in this we know humans can be 1) destroyed or 2) continued
rather than destroyed or constructed.
Even a net of emotional resource can be picked apart
by familiar hurting hands but
what have the hands of adoration and promise
truly made permanent?

Faith is not lost it is learned away.
What toothpick stilts will carry crumbles
now when crumbling inward is the only way to
remove a toxic shell?


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