Easily Read Easily Read

Cornstarch, water, red food dye make up the blood
of your bleeding heart and cuts on tired worked hands.
Maintain an angered face
in a partially conscious attempt to
meet me where you think I am.
Maintain a fist where
your heart and empathy should stand.
What can you hold behind your words?
I don’t ask you for more speech,
I ask you for meaning.
Say something when
you say something.
Self-proclaimed bleeding heart,
does your heart bleed because you
cracked it yourself?
In a sense,
although we move with intention,
search search search in yourself
if you really feel. If you really feel.
Trip into empathy without chewing it down like spinach.
Accidentally care.
Do you accidentally and unconsciously and beyond resource
love strangers?
Do you
put your body where your heart is
or try to lasso some sentiment after planting your feet in
unfamiliarly loud front-facing ground?
In public change,
start with self-change.
And privatize your introspection.


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